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What is concrete pumping?

Offering a fast and economical solution, Kent and Sussex concrete pumping offer professional concrete pumping service for clients across Kent and Sussex. 

Whether you are a domestic or commercial client, we can tackle any construction project with our brand new TB40 City Pump, offering up to 70 meters of concrete line at competitive prices. 

Our state of the art concrete pumping vehicle is operated by our team of qualified technicians and can access all locations, however awkward they are, we are fully insured and have many years experience in the construction industry. 

We work hard to meet your individual concrete needs, we work alongside many great concrete suppliers in the country and can provide you with recommendations for competitive companies that provide top quality products.


We work with many local concrete suppliers such as Hanson, Stewart brothers, and Reco Ramsgate just to name a few, we can work with you to get you a great price on your concrete supply.